On the river


Ulmer Münster

King Frog


castle ruine



Lago di Garda



My intention

The diversity of nature is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. When creating my pictures, my intention is not to depict reality, but rather to present an impression, a notion, a visualisation of emotions. For me watercolour is the best medium to implement all this. Painting with watercolours offers infinite possibilities to form areas and shapes, and to create structures. Personally, the attraction of watercolours lies in the need to give up control, to allow water and colour to find their own ways, and then, at the right moment, to step in to the developing piece, and create something new.



Many thanks

Many thanks

Many thanks to all visitors of the exhibition of the GermanWaterColour Society, who gave their vote to my watercolour ‘Auer Dult’. It won the 3rd prize. 

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